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Major Reforms in

Accreditation of (HEIs)

Higher Education Institutions


India's higher education system is poised for a monumental shift with the introduction of major reforms in accreditation. Spearheaded by a visionary committee led by Dr. K. Radhakrishnan, these transformative changes aim to elevate institutions to global standards of excellence. From binary accreditation fostering a culture of quality to a graded system propelling institutions towards global eminence, the reforms promise a new era of innovation and distinction.

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About Workshop

Faculty members of higher education institutes across India may join and participate in our upcoming workshop on the "Major Reforms in Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions."In the dynamic landscape of education, it is imperative for us, as educators, to stay at the forefront of transformative changes shaping the future of higher education. This workshop presents a unique opportunity for us to delve into the pivotal reforms that are revolutionizing the accreditation framework in our country.

As we aspire to elevate the quality of education to global standards and align ourselves with the vision of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, your participation becomes instrumental. This workshop will equip us with invaluable insights into the new binary accreditation system, maturity-based graded accreditation, and the strategic roadmap towards institutional eminence and global recognition.

By joining this workshop, you will come to know:

  • Deliberations and Consultations

  • Present State of Accreditation and Ranking of Higher Education Institutions in India

  • Consideration of Reports from Four Related Committees Constituted in 2022 by UGC, and the Chairman EC-NAAC

  • Stakeholder Consultations and Feedback

  • India’s HEI-Approval, Accreditation and Ranking System Conforming to NEP 2020

  • Further Work and Targets for Transition

  • Framework for Addressing Parameters Pertaining to Input, Processes, Outcome and Impact

  • Architecture of a Common Platform and a Brief on Upgradation of ‘One Nation One Data’ Platform 

  • Global Best Practices on Accreditation Transformative Reforms Proposed 

30 April 2024

@ Microsoft Teams  6:30 p.m - 8:30 pm

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