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Strategic Board

The corporate Academic Advisory Board will be a body in DECISIONTREE ENDEAVOUR  that provides strategic advice to the management of a corporation,  associated organization, or foundation. The unceremonious nature of this advisory board will provide greater flexibility in structure and management compared to the board of directors. The core objective to have such advisory boards in order to benefit from the knowledge of the esteemed and eminent members of it to the society in terms of the application of the Knowledge for R & D purpose of effective execution or nurturing the young businesses.

 Responsibilities and Guidelines

  • Attend annual board meetings and other events/functions (as requested). Review agenda and supporting materials prior to board meetings.

  • Be informed about the program(s), it's Institutional Subscribers, curriculum, services/supports, and activities.

  • Share Progressive developments in the respective fields with the board members.

  • Provide support and advice to program(s), assist in the development of new programs, and identify best practice standards.

  • Provide recommendations for topic presenters for advisory board meetings.

  • Provide recommendations for topic presenters for advisory board meetings.

Board Membership Procedural

Advisory board members will represent a cross-section of businesses, industries, Institutions, and/or the profession relevant to the particular academic program. A diversity of perspectives is an important aspect of the board’s function. Diverse perspectives and experiences based on veteran status, gender, race, ethnicity, geographic location, age, and other related qualities will be an important aspect in selecting members. Prospective advisory board members are identified by existing advisory board members or members of the Program Planning Committee (Program Academic Directors, faculty, and staff). Their names will be submitted to the Program Planning Committee for input. The suggested number of board members should be from 12 to 15 people. Advisory board members will serve five-year terms with the possibility for renewal for additional terms based on their interest, and involvement at the discretion of the Program Planning Committee.Data Analysis Interpretation and Visualization,Data Analytics Institutes,Big Data Institutes,Business Analytics Institutes,Data Engineering Institutes






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