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Welcome to our conference, dedicated to exploring and advancing India's Semiconductor Mission. As we convene industry leaders, policymakers, researchers, and stakeholders, we stand at a pivotal moment in India's technological evolution. The Semiconductor Mission, spearheaded by the Government of India, represents a bold and strategic initiative to transform India into a global hub for semiconductor and electronics manufacturing.Today,It is crucial juncture as India embarks on a transformative journey with its ambitious Semiconductor Mission. This mission, a cornerstone of the nation's strategy to become a global hub for electronics manufacturing and innovation, signifies a bold step towards self-reliance and technological advancement.

The Semiconductor Mission, initiated by the Government of India, aims to establish a robust semiconductor and display ecosystem within the country. This initiative is driven by the urgent need to reduce dependency on imports, enhance national security, and position India as a leader in the rapidly evolving global technology landscape. Through substantial investments, policy support, and international collaborations, India is laying the groundwork to build state-of-the-art semiconductor fabrication plants, foster cutting-edge research and development, and cultivate a highly skilled workforce.

This conference will delve into the multifaceted aspects of India's Semiconductor Mission, exploring the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. We will discuss the critical role of public-private partnerships, the importance of strategic alliances with global technology leaders, and the necessity of sustained investment in infrastructure and human capital. Together, we will chart a course towards realizing India's vision of a self-sufficient, innovative, and globally competitive semiconductor industry.

Let us engage in insightful discussions, share our expertise, and collaborate to ensure the success of India's Semiconductor Mission. Our collective efforts will not only strengthen India's position in the global semiconductor arena but also drive economic growth, technological innovation, and national security.

Thank you for your participation and commitment to this significant endeavour.


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